Merely nothing themselves until,

The writer works his pen,

Weaving them together.

In a moment

The spell has already been cast,

The emotions already spilt.

Together with this pen as my friend,

I find my answers

Fall in love with the very words I once,




Back then when,old-time-clock

Intertwined in threads of,

Past and present,

It felt it might last forever.

Now when,

Enveloped in emotions unknown,

You still think the same and,

Past memories¬†echo…

Reflections and epiphanies,

May lead you to understand,

That its only an illusion,

Only deception.

Everything must perish,

And times too,

Never stay the same,

They always change.


1297354539748_ORIGINALSuspended in the air,
Theses thoughts and emotions,
Can be nothing but,

Impossible as they may seem,
These thoughts and emotions,
Can be nothing but,

Imperfect as it may seem,
This reverie and imagination,
Can struggle to become,
Only perfect.



And when life dulls out,
Breaking you to,
Leave you hopeless,
Don’t mourn over that which,
Has been broken.

And when colors fade out,
Making you a nobody,
Then don’t fight to become that somebody,
For colors are everywhere
You just need to find them.

And when love too fails,
To stir in your heart,
Then dip your hands to paint yourself,
And then look at yourself,
To fall in love with your reflection