“And there were obscure flushes and darkenings too, as if a cuttlefish had suddenly suffused the air with purple; and the room had its passions and rages and envies and sorrows coming over it and clouding it, like a human being. Nothing stayed the same for two seconds together” – From: Virginia Woolf’s ‘The lady in the Looking-Glass: A Reflection


Now and then,

I travel through

These thoughts…

Floating in space,

These thoughts are but,


In mists of air.

Fantasies cannot be evoked.

They wash away

So easily

In uncertainty –

The heart yearns to,

Live these fantasies only for a while,

An escape from reality,

To witness that felicity.

In  this mist, they are but,

Washed away…

To make themselves,

Nothing but, empty.


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