Being Brave…

This goes out to someone really special.

“Did you ever climb the mountain,
Weary, sore-foot and afraid
You would never reach the fountain
On the summit in the shade?
Then a sudden glint of glory
Seemed to flash before your eyes,
And the sequel to the story–
‘Twas a blessing in disguise.” – The Harvest, Jack Crawford.

You cannot see it everywhere,

For its as rare as diamond, indeed.

For sure,

Those who possess it,

Know its real worth.

An asset of one’s Self

Which makes them all the more


Surprising it is, though,

To see those with this facet

Knowing not how much they inspire

Those around them.

This poem I wish

Conveys in all its brevity,

The beauty of your heart and soul.


2 thoughts on “Being Brave…

  1. Mary says:

    Love this! Very beautiful!

  2. Thank You so much Mary 🙂

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