Fake it…


“Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose. The eye sheds a tear to find its focus”_ Robert Brault.

It all started with,

A bang and a crash and a smash!

A sound that was even louder than the bomb.

It broke her bones and crushed her world and smashed her dreams.

It was all over,

All at once.

She laid there lifeless on the bed,

A perfectly carved statue everyone visited,

The people in the white coats back then said,

“She wouldn’t survive,”

But they still hoped and prayed and pleaded,

It was foolish of them but they knew Life wasn’t so unfair.

When she opened her eyes,

The one who survived,

She found herself living a complete opposite life.

Her broken and battered body throbbed with an endless pain

Nobody knew that this was only another start.

Another start of another journey,

She didn’t know herself,

That Fate had thrown her into an abyss,

An abyss she was to climb all alone.

Alone to  get to sunlight,

But everybody knew that this was,

His Wise way of rewarding her with something she had been so unaware of her entire life.

“This is His Way of Loving you,”

Everybody told her,

But His Love was so strange she thought.

He made her fall whenever she got back up,

He made her cry with no tears, dry tears,

He made her heart pound so much that she felt it might burst,

He left her hopeless, only to make her stronger.

“What kind of love is this?”

She often asked herself,

But she knew she had to live whatever the circumstances,

For she knew there was no escape.

Life is unfair, yes, but living?

Living too is never easy,

Especially if you’re the only reason for others lives…,

Smiling too is deceptive then,

It hides the real you.

But why?

Why worry even then?

When you know He’s there?

When you know,

His Love for you will unfold through the sands of time,

When you know,

You just have to be patient?

When you know it’s all just a matter of faking it?

Faking it,

Till you not only just make it but,

Become it?

This poem is based on my own experience of a very bad RTA (Road traffic accident). I have written this ‘slam’ poem in third person because it was initially written to be performed on stage, in front of an audience, and I did not want to personalize it. The last three lines of the poem are an allusion to Amy Cuddy’s quote, “Don’t fake it till you make it. Fake it till you become it.”


4 thoughts on “Fake it…

  1. Oh my goddess, This is so true

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