A Man I am – Stevie Smith

I was consumed by so much hate,

I did not feel that I could wait

I could not wait long for at any rate.

I ran into the forest wild,

I seized a little new born child,

I tore his throat, I licked my fang,

Just like a wolf. A wolf I am.

I ran for centuries

Beneath the immemorial trees,

Sometimes I thought my heart would freeze,

And never know a moments ease,

But presently the spring broke in

Upon the pastures of my sin,

My poor heart bled like anything.

The drops fell down, I knew I knew remorse.

I tasted that primordial curse,

And falling ill, I soon grew worse.

Until at last I cried on Him,

Before whom angel faces dim,

To take the burden of my sin

And break my head beneath his wing.

Upon the silt of death I swam

And as I wept my joy began

Just like a man. A man I am.

Despite the fact that the entire poem is just simply beautiful, it’s really the last few verses that I love the most. The poem beautifully demonstrates  the giving up of pride and ego to submit and surrender to the Will of God. this may be seen especially in the second last line, ‘As I wept my joy began’ which emphatically brings out the surrender!

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this poem as much as I do!


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