Be dazzled by this Wonder in His Universe!

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji is the highest and the most famous mountain in Japan. This legendary mountain is more than ‘just a mountain’. It is a tall, conical shaped, active volcano!! The volcano last erupted almost 300 years ago, in 1707.  Mount Fuji itself was created  by explosive eruptions thousands of years ago.

According to one of the most popular theory, it is named after the Buddhist goddess of fire – Fuchi. Some Japanese say that Fuji came from (not + two), meaning without equal or nonpareil. Mount Fuji has been a sacred site for practicers of Shinto since at least the 7th century. Shinto is the indigenous faith or spirituality of Japan. The name for them means “everlasting life.” There are many Shinto temples and shrines surrounding the mountain. [*]

Awe, Naked Wonder

“Go and contemplate God’s wonders, become lost to yourselves from the majesty and awe of God.”

MATHNAWI 1v, 3708-3710

[*]- Information taken from:


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