Lose yourself…

from ‘Water of the Water’ MATHNAWI 3, 1271-1274

…”The water has a Water that is driving it;

the spirit has a Spirit that is calling it’ – Rumi


The sun started to settle into its cave, the sky changed its shades, conjuring magic in the air. Specks of glitter floated on the surface of the breeze encircling her…

She was a reckless, wondering soul; lost in her wild emotions… and so she bent down to reach out for the cool water, slipping wildly on her skin, becoming dripping drops. The strange, wet air was perfect for her to wonder and lose herself in it. There where, the three elemental forces of nature met, she stood. Thinking that somehow, by standing, where earth and water met, she too, would fuse in the wind and become insignificant particles of dust, freeing herself of the slavery of this world.


2 thoughts on “Lose yourself…

  1. Aw thank you Kimberly 🙂 Glad you liked it

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