The Swimmer

An absolutely brilliant piece!

Richard M. Ankers - Author

Rain battered the water’s surface. What had been sea was instead a myriad pools of individual ripples all bursting outwards, all seeking to be free. The auburn beauty who swam through them seemed not to notice. Her slender figure, a china doll cast into the ocean, battled against tide and weather, as though her destiny lay beyond the distant horizon, or the next, or the next. She was naked; she was free.

I stood on the clifftops and watched her leave. It was mesmerising in it’s own way to see her swim off into the night. I don’t think she knew I was there, how could she? But I think it would have comforted her to know that I was; to know someone cared. Because it wasn’t until I lost sight of her that I realised she wasn’t coming back.

I could never be sure what she sought in the…

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