Wave after Wave…Word after Word.

Language in my life is a wild, fierce ocean; its waves, rushing, colliding, and pulling me in. It’s a waterfall cascading my thoughts, ideas and emotions. It is gushing water through me which floods paper, drenching it, leaving it damp with my world carved on it.

Words float in the pool of my imagination.

In this state of


I travel back and forth

Enclosed by the music of my


All chaos within gives birth to dancing stars which lie down on paper.

With language, I turn the world upside down. I make stars drop down on me, these gushing waters merely reflecting them. I travel timelessness. Travel places no one knows. Though some may think of the music of the violin as being rather melancholic, I make it move in waves all around me, like tides of water drenching me in emotions. I make it drip on me like drops of honey. I fuse that which is unknown. I create chaos. Words levitate in my mind. Poetry dances out of me. And when all this happens, I fall in love with the very words which flood out of me.


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