Write about me.

Paint me through words.

Feel me when,

Carving beauty

On threads of paper.

Hear my whispers

In the music of

Cascading waters.

Make me a part of your luscious


Bedeck me,

Give me a voice,

Give me


Make me levitate

In the deep waters of

Your imagination.

Breathe your

Wishes and Prayers

Into me.

With such ferocity

That I tremble in your very


Then kneel and prostrate

In sand.

Become dust.

Ask Him to give Life to me.

Become that Angel who came to me

In those dark and cold days

Of December when I drifted into


In that instance.

Iā€™m only just One Veil

Away from



4 thoughts on “Write

  1. Oh, i just love that ending about the “veil”- perfect!

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